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Jajah, Jangl Tie-Up to Monetize Free Social Calls VoIP News, CA - Nov 20, 2007 The so-called appliance is actually a platform for opt-in services that let users hear ads "overlaid" on their ringtones before a call starts. ... free custom ringtones in itunes 7.5 and iphone 1.1.2 Mac Rumors, VA - Nov 13, 2007 several users have noted that custom ringtone workarounds have started working again the latest version of itunes and iphone firmware 1.1.2. the most ... MacApper iphone Firmware 1.1.2 + itunes 7.5 = Free Custom Ringtones MacApper, Canada - Nov 13, 2007 Or, as I anticipate, there will be an itunes 7.5.1 update which will end our free ringtone fun… for now. As for itoner, the developer Ambrosia Software ... get free bollywood music East West Magazine, AZ - Nov 18, 2007 ... surveys and notified via email on or about december 2nd. visit saavn.com for bollywood ringtones and your chance to meet the bollywood king shah rukh khan. Holiday gifts commercial from Alltel LetsGoMobile (press release), Netherlands - 5 hours ago Celltop contains "cells" that provide shortcuts to the weather, news, music, sports, ringtones, call log, stocks and more. Customers who take advantage of ... David Gilmour, Voice and Guitar of Pink Floyd, Makes Digital Debut ... CNNMoney.com - Nov 20, 2007 The Ringtone and Ringback tones for each song will be available for purchase for a limited time, at the same time the full-track song is available for free. ... iphone update puts free custom ringtones back on the menu My iTablet, AZ - Nov 13, 2007 in september, just before the 1.1.1 firmware release, getting free ringtones for your iphone was as easy as crushing a small grape: the simply-titled ... rogue amoeba releases makeiphoneringtone 1.3.1 O'Grady's Power Page, PA - Nov 21, 2007 ... accepted for conversion (in order to match the iphone's standard ringtone length). makeiphoneringtone is available for free and requires itunes 7.4.1, ... ringtones free - Google News orion launches latest ringtone portal TMCnet - Nov 20, 2007 ... orion’s database of free ringtones is updated on a daily basis to offer the visitors to its site the latest new free mp3 and polyphonic ringtones, ... Mobile infrastructure companies are trying to make it easier to sell content and applications that aren't featured on the interface carriers provide on their phones in the U.S., but don't expect a flood of new offerings overnight. (TP) Mass media company CBS has created the CBS Mobile Zone, a wireless high-speed network enabling New Yorkers with Wi-Fi-enabled cell phones, laptops or other devices to access the internet for free and make voice over internet calls. The CBS Mobile Zone will be powered by CBS Outdoor billboards and MTA New York City Transit-owned urban panels located above select subway station entrances that ... BASKING RIDGE, N.J. ( Map ) - BASKING RIDGE, N.J., Nov. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Verizon Wireless scored another first today as the company's V CAST Music service becomes the first digital music service to deliver three new live versions of classic Pink Floyd songs to mobile music customers. represents a much needed leap of faith in today’s shrinking recorded music marketplace. Young consumers are spending 10% of their disposable income on mobile services, that’s $30 less a month to spend on music, fashion etc. Something’s going to give. That ringing in Becky Strawn's ears came from her cell phone bill. Buried in the minutiae was a $9.99 charge for “Premium Features.” When she called her provider, Verizon, to learn what that meant, she was told it was for ringtones. A new Games On Deck editorial notes there are a lot of appealing aspects about the mobile development scene: a burgeoning market, a "relatively non-discriminating" consumer, lighter and easier development cycles, and the appeal of gaining a leadership role in a new arena. Why, then, does a mysterious software tester pseudonymously known as "William Kinnikin," of an equally anonymous casual ... Just a lot of Kindling Reading has never been cheaper, and for most of us, requires no additional machinery - only the source material itself. So why do we need to pay the online retailer Amazon.com $399 to read books?… Something for the weekend - Your weekly guide to the best deals. In an initiative led by CBS Corp., a bustling swath of midtown Manhattan will soon have free wireless access. As a six-month test, a chunk of the city will be equipped with free public Wi-Fi supported by ad revenue. Yikes, ringtones free that supportive Bam Margera bravely scooped versus that angry bob the builder. 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